Two Chain-of-Lakes, plus 114 Lakes in Branch County

Waffle Farm Campground on Craig Lake.

Two masses of lakes, the North Chain and the South Chain of Lakes each are connected with channels and can be traveled through by motorboats. The North Chain is 12 miles one way and the South Chain is 17 miles. The North and South Chain of Lakes offer a relaxing trip down each chain through 7 connected lakes. Both chains are rich with fish including bluegill, perch, northern pike, walleye, red ear sunfish and both small and large mouth bass. Branch County sells more fishing licenses than any other county in Michigan. The North Chain even has a couple restaurants, pubs, and a few ice cream stops along the way that you can travel to by boat. The South Chain offers boaters several beautiful sandbars to stop and cool off in the knee-deep water.  Bring your own boat and launch off one of the many public ramps or boat rentals are available on either chain.

North Chain of Lakes Campgrounds

South Chain of Lakes Campgrounds