South Chain of Lakes Campgrounds


The South Chain of Lakes (also known as the Marble or Coldwater Chain of Lakes) runs parallel to Interstate 69 and south of U.S.12.  The South Chain of Lakes includes 8 lakes; First Lake, Marble Lake, Middle Lake, Archer Lake, Bartholemew Lake, Mud Lake, Long Lake and Coldwater Lake.  It covers over 3,500 acres of widely varying habitat. The boat-able 16 miles of lakes are connected by channels to shallow pond-like environments where the large mouth bass are abundant.  

Coldwater Lake is the largest in this chain at 1,610 acres. Shallow spawning areas in the southern section of the lake like at Peninsula Beach are Spring hot spots.  

Marble is the next largest lake at 780 acres. The northern tip warms up quickly in the Spring.


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Coldwater Lake Campground Buckeye

629 Butlers Lane
Coldwater, MI 49036
Phone: 517-238-4695

Coldwater Lake Campground Crystal Beach

569 Lake Dr
Coldwater, MI 49036
Phone: 517-238-4695

Cottonwood Resort

801 Wildwood Beach Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082
Phone: 517-639-4415